New Face

I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce myself. I am Ken Roach and I am thrilled to be a salesperson at Pulsworks Audio Arts. I have worked here in the past on a casual basis to help out, and with the closing of my previous employer David welcomed me aboard full time.

I have been a passionate audiophile for most of my life, catching the bug at a very young age when my father taught me how to use his reel to reel tape recorder. Music and stereo equipment has been a big part of my life ever since. To have the opportunity to turn my hobby into my profession is a blessing that I will always be grateful to David for.

Although I am very pleased with the quality digital and solid state electronics David has at Pulsworks, I am completely infatuated with the sound of vinyl and hot glowing vacuum tubes. Turntable setup in particular is an obsession of mine, and I love the process of fine tuning a vinyl rig to the highest performance possible.

Whatever your prefered method of playing music, I do strongly feel that quality audio components bring you closer to the music. It’s not just about how equipment sounds, it’s how it connects you to the music emotionally, spiritually and physically. A good system should invigorate you, motivate you and relax you! A good system should encourage you to listen not only to old favourites, but to explore into unknown musical genres. In many of the Saturday morning impromptu gatherings here at Pulsworks, the discussions amongst the customers have demonstrated this time and time again.

I look forward in getting to know all of David’s customers, and sharing with you this most amazing hobby.