Although cables are a much-debated item in the audio world, we’ve found that they do indeed make a significant difference in how a system performs. We offer excellent options for all budgets and performance levels from companies like the ones listed below. We’re happy to make a cable recommendation for your system—just ask.

Headphones can be a great way to enjoy your music. Beyerdynamic Pro headphones are affordable and feature articulate clarity with amazing frequency response. We also have outstanding headphones like STAX and the Focal Utopia headphones. It’s best to try a few on and see not only what sounds best but also what’s comfortable. Bryston makes a fantastic headphone amplifier to help you enjoy the best headphones have to offer.

For those looking for furniture to enhance the performance of their system, we highly recommend the Solid-Tech stands, which are very modern and highly functional.

Keeping your system safe from the noisy and variable electric power supply in your home can also improve the sound quality, if you use a Torus power conditioning product. We also have a range of power cords that can also bring a noticeable improvement.