Welcome to Pulsworks Audio Arts Recording Studios!

Recording is an Art. It is more than just your music, the people, the equipment and the rooms. It’s the sum of all of this mixed with passion and experience that makes your music come to life. This is what we are here for. We are your extension to capture the passion of what so many simply call “music”.

Pulsworks Recording Studios is a world class music and sound production facility, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the heart of Canada. We work with artists from around the world covering every musical genre. Every artist and production is unique with their own special and distinctive sound.

When you work with us, you will achieve the sound you want using whatever production techniques and technologies it takes to get it.

This is not an idle promise. Our  team of music production and sound engineering specialists span a period from the 1960’s, to today and our equipment list covers almost everything you can imagine. From vintage microphones to the most recent top end digital technologies and everything in between. It even includes equipment that has not been put into production yet and some that was so limited, only a few pieces exist in the world today.

The studio atmosphere is both relaxed and professional. The personnel are often brilliant in their capacities to give you what you need, whether it be expertise or just a little humor to get everyone relaxed and back on track.
We consider every project a challenge, to make you, the artist, the best you can be. Scale is not a factor, whether you are creating the next top 40 hit, or just want the best sounding karaoke version of your special song, we put in the same dedication, effort and expertise.

Welcome to Pulsworks Recording Studios.